Transformational Series - A Better You! - Series of 5 90 minute sessions - $500 member/nonmember

Are you READY to step into your own POWER, AUTHENTICITY, and TRUTH? Are you willing and able to do the WORK? Are you ready to prioritize the TIME it takes to take care of YOURSELF? ***This series truly isn't for everyone-it is designed for the extraordinary person who is ready & able to do the deep work of Self-Transformation (not recommended as a gift, with rare exception)*** This is a series of 5 Signature Integrated Transformational Sessions. Designed to be used as follows: 1x weekly for the 1st month, with an additional booster session to be used up to 6 months later. Regular price $650

***there will be homework, which could include: exercises, reading recommendations, self-hypnosis sessions, text/email/phone check-ins for additional support ***

In order to receive the January Special price, appointment must be booked for January 1 - January 31. Discount will be applied during appointment checkout.